Friday, March 28, 2014

Stella Says...

 After the sacrament prayer one day at church:
S: I didn't hear them say blood.
Me: You probably just didn't hear them say it.
S: I have good ears.  I had them tested.

Watching My Little Ponies:
Me: What just happened?
S: That pony stole a crown.  She doesn't know the first thing about friendship.

I bought a new blanket for our bed, and Stella loved it, so I bought one for her bed. She said, "I think this new blanket will keep me under control at night."

I want to keep this two-wheeled bike forever and 80 months.

On the way to church one day: I forgot my CTR (Choose the Right) ring, but that's okay.  I already know how to choose the right.

I'm trying to have a nice moment, here.

Daddy, you are a very good, excellent doctor.

S: I love you.
Me: I love you more.
S: I love you one hundred.  I love you, too, Daddy. Like two…just a little bit.  Good night, you guys.

I'm going to sit in here with you and talk to you about Jesus and how he made nature.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Insta Stella | Holiday Edition

Jeremy and his brother Ryan ran the Fleet Feet Turkey Trot.
Stella ran a race with her Colorado cousins…and I took pictures of both.
We ate Thanksgiving Dinner with the Joyal fam. This is Stella's placemat.
We went to Temple Square with Mac, Jesi, Sloane, and Grandma Jude.
We took a carriage ride around Temple Square.
This is Stella in front of the Reflection Pond in front of the Salt Lake Temple.
We decorated the Christmas Tree.
We made a gingerbread house. This is Stella's concentration face.
Stella had her four year doctor's appointment and got two thumbs up. She was extra excited, because she doesn't have to get shots until she is thirteen. The shots she did get were worse than she was expecting!
Stella performed two dances in her Christmas dance recital (and was super cute, of course).
Stella painted a plate for Santa's cookies, then she and Sloane decorated cookies on Christmas Eve.
Stella and Daddy played in the snow…and I took pictures.
Somedays we looked like this...
…and somedays we felt like this.
We drove through the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork.

Christmas Day

I suppose that since January and February have both passed that it is definitely time to blog about Christmas.  Christmas was so fun! I loved, loved, LOVED to watch Stella experience the excitement and magic of it all.  We woke up early and opened presents with Grandma Jude.  Then, we went to Chris and Melissa's house to have Christmas brunch with the Joyal fam.  Stella fell asleep on the way home, but then, of course, wasn't able to nap again after that.  For the rest of the day, she tried out all her new toys, and then Grammy Annie and Grandpa Grant came up for dinner.  It was a fun, fun day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so much fun! Our family went out to dinner with Mac, Jesi, and Sloane, and Grandma Jude.  After dinner, we came back to our house.  While we were there, the Pajama Elves left a package of jammies at the door! After jammies and an attempt at some pictures, the girls decorated sugar cookies for Santa. I have never seen so many sprinkles before in my life! After cookies, Stella told us the story of Christmas. We had such a fun night!
Trying to get a picture of these two is harder than you think!
Stella is "holding" Sloane in place.
Good enough!
Sloane in her Christmas jammies and slippers.
The girls decorated sugar cookies for Santa.
They loved the sprinkles...
…lots and lots of sprinkles!
I told you: lots and lots of sprinkles…and green faces...
…and green hands.
Stella reading us The Story of Christmas.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fun in the Snow

Stella LOVES the snow. Unfortunately for her (but fortunately for me), it doesn't snow that much in Utah. Most of the snow stays in the mountains, but down in the valley, it melts fairly quickly…at least compared to Wisconsin! That means there aren't lots of days to play in the snow.  So far, Stella has been able to go sledding a couple of times, make a snowman, and her favorite…shovel the driveway with Daddy!

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